Urban Sketchers

There is a fantastic mix of backgrounds that come together with Urban Sketchers. Architects, landscape gardeners, painters and people who draw simply for pleasure. I found it particularly interesting to note the subject matter of peoples’ works, dependant on their area of expertise. The architects focusing on structure; the landscape gardeners looking at composition and interactions between forms; my mother and I, as textile designers, focusing on the patterns and textures within many smaller elements and those who came for pleasure, their work was experimental, colourful and expressive.

St. Michael’s church is the oldest building in the city, founded in 1070, it stands miraculously unscathed by the blitz. At first glance, the interior is quite typical and so I wanted to find unusual features, unique to the site. I was drawn to the negative spaces within the church and found a gate of particular interest. Looking through this gate acted like a viewfinder; certain areas of unusual masonry became apparent. Through drawing both the foreground and background, I defined the differences between the two materials and created an almost abstract sketch. I also found nautical stone sculptures on the underside of the framing of scriptures on the walls.