In my search for inspiration, for the 1st of 2 third year projects, I visited the Tate Modern. Within close proximity hung the works of two great masters, Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miro. Prior to seeing ‘A Star Caresses the Breast of a Negress’, Miro and ‘Cossacks’, Kandinsky together, I hadn’t realised the artists’ similarities in approach. Kandinsky responding to his Parisian setting and Miro, responding to both his time in Paris and his home, Catalonia. Further research revealed the Fundacio Joan Miro, Barcelona. A mecca for admirers like myself.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places you could visit. The rich blue sky, replicated in Miro’s paintings, frames the Gothic architecture. Nearly every building is adorned with patterned tiles that invite you to look up.

Another of Barcelona’s great artists is of course, Architect, Antoni Gaudi. Seeing Gaudi’s works in person is breathtaking. Each of his buildings have their own distinctive character. His influence from natural forms are apparent in his structures, which are incredibly tactile. It is clear in Miro’s paintings that he found Gaudi’s forms inspiring, as well.

This wonderful trip inspired, ‘Catalonia: Abstraction, Colour and Architecture’. Abstract art vs decoration. Celebrating the great artists of Catalonia and their beautiful city; merging together one’s own experience of place, with that of the artists that lived there. The intent was for the atmosphere of Barcelona to be captured in the designs, with colours informed by the bright light of the city.

The brilliant amalgamation of design styles throughout Barcelona provided ample resource for original design. I designed silk scarves and experimented with lino and block printing on cotton satin, to achieve a textured, painted aesthetic with print (See e-portfolio).

I could write forever about Barcelona’s awe-inspiring beauty. So to translate it far better than I could put into words, I invite you to have a look at the photos and drawings attached.